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Whitney Houston - by Chip Harmison

Age: 33
Country:  USA
Rating:  99/100

This is my favorite debut album by any artist.

YOU GIVE GOOD LOVE-this was the 1st record I ever heard
by WH: I was at work & the radio was playing; what
struck me about WH/this song was "Wow, a real singer on
Top 40 radio!" and "Wow, a SOUL song on Top 40 radio!"

THINKING ABOUT YOU-this song seems to go on forever;
that's the reason I gave this album a "99" instead of a "100".

SOMEONE FOR ME-absolutely adorable.

SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU-this is the song that put
WH over-the-top for me.  I am a HUGE fan of old-style
"standards" & this sounds just like a 1940s "torch" song.

NOBODY LOVES ME LIKE YOU DO-heart breakingly beautiful.

-so much fun, as is the video.

ALL AT ONCE-I couldn't listen to this song for a long
time, it's so sad. That just proves WH and songwriters
Michael Masser & Jeffrey Osborne did a good job!

TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY HEART-there is hardly a week that
goes by that the melody to this song doesn't go through
my head. An underrated gem.

-her 1st masterpiece. Truly one of
the greatest recordings in music history.

HOLD ME-sooo beautiful. WH & Teddy's voices were made for each other.

There's something very special about this album. Not
only because it was her debut, but there's something
very intimate about the whole thing. It is seamless
even though it has 4 producers; it's obvious that a
great deal of care went into making it.