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Whitney Houston - by Roger

Rating:  100/100

This is the second Whitney album that I bought.  I was first given her second album as a gift when I was very young.  I still think that this is the best debut album I´ve ever heard.  This is Whitney`s best album (so far)...

You Give Good Love - This is a wonderful start of the album, it´s a very warm and loving song with a simple but still a very strong text. Alltime classic.

Thinking About You - A rather surrealistic song, maybe that´s because I like it so much...

Someone For Me - This is a rather charming song with a nice beat, I still love it after all those years...

Saving All My Love For You - This song is a classic, what more can you say? I really think the video is nearly as good as the song, a really classy one...

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do (with Jermaine Jackson) - A hidden gem, which I was priviliged to hear live when I was attending Whitney´s concert in Gothenburg back in 1993.

How Will I Know - This song still makes me very happy everytime I hear it, you CAN´T sit still... Another classic.

All At Once - WHY WHY WHY was this track never released as a single? It´s so beautiful...

Take Good Care Of My Heart (with Jermaine Jackson) - This is a very innocent and irresistible song, you can´t help but love it...

Greatest Love Of All - Is this song beautiful or what? No one but our queen Whitney can sing this song "right". A lovely video as well...Yet another classic.

Hold Me (with Teddy Pendergrass) - What a great way for an ending of this wonderful album...This song is over six minutes long but you still think it´s ending too soon when you hear it.  Listen to this song when you´re going to sleep, it´ll make you feel really good.

Best song on the album -
Greatest Love Of All
Worst song on the album - None!