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Whitney - by Roger

Album Reviewed:  Whitney
Rating:  91/100
Posted on: 9-05-1999

This is the first Whitney-album I recieved, and this was on LP, of course I´ve also got a CD-version nowadays.  It´s not quite as good as "Whitney Houston" but almost.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - A joyful and very danceable opening track.  Nippy´s must really had a good time recording this track. I like it, it makes me happy.

Just the lonely talking again - One of my favourites on the album, not a potential "hit single" but still very smooth and classy.

Love Will Save The Day - A good message and the best dance track on the whole album.

Didn´t We Almost Have It All - What can I say. Whitney´s voice... She tears down the walls in this number.

So Emotional - I really love her rawling in "ain´t it shocking what love cando" at the end of this floor filler. Another classic.

Where You Are - A B-side to one of her singles? I can´t believe it!!! This wonderful track is worth a much better treatment.

Love Is A Contact Sport - This is the only dance track on the album that wasn´t released as a single. I like this song anyway and a remixed version of this song should´ve been a good contender on the dance album that unforunately never was released.

You´re Still My Man - WHY in heaven´s sake was this OUTSTANDING track never released as a single? I feel the same way about this song as about "All At Once".

For The Love Of You - Imagine yourself with a cold drink in your hand, sitting in your garden on a hot summer evening and you hear this song. Can life become better?

Where Do Broken Hearts Go - A lovely song and the best video out of all the singles on this album. A really sweet and classy one.

I Know Him So Well (with Cissy Houston) - This is the only song I dislike on the record, I can´t stand to hear Cissy´s screamy voice... Although Whitney sings wonderful (as always) Cissy manages to screw this song up by herself.  Should´ve been left out.

Overall - A fantasic album, Definately Whitney´s most "commercial" album.  Although it should´ve ended with song no.10.

Best Song - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Worst song - I Know Him So Well

I LOVE NIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!