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A Great R&B, Pop and Soul Album - by Sam Nas

Age: 20 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  I'm Your Baby Tonight
Rating:  95/100

This album is more 'hard-edge' and R&B then the previous 2.  The production is different and more 90's.  It's a step forward.

I'm Your Baby Tonight-This upbeat song is da bomb!  It's full of energie and the production is BIG!  I also love her live renditions of it.

My Name Is Not Susan-Cool & hip.  I like the production of this one.  I am always in the mood to hear this song.  I feel like 'Yo, Whatz Up!'

All The Man That I Need-WOW!  When I first heard this song, it was magical.  Superb vocal performance.  Her voice is so powerful and clear on this one!  A true classic.

Lover For Life-This song gives the album depth.  It's very easy listening and different.

Anymore-Similar to 'My Name Is Not Susan' but I love it a little less...

Miracle-The miracle is Whitney's soaring voice!  The song is great and very inspirational.  When she saids "the VOICE" in the second chorus, it gives me chills!!!

I Belong To You-Very R&B and very nice rythm.  It's a sexy song.  The final note of the bridge is perfect!

Who Do You Love-A little cool pop song.  Kind of a sequal to 'How Will I Know'.  I think it has become a little 'immature' for me from the time I first heard it when I was (13?).

We Didn't Know-A good song but GREAT artists.  The song isn't a favourite of mine, but it's ok...  I think it's a bit too long.

After We Make Love-Another Michael Masser classic.  When I hear this song, I feel like I'm dreaming.  And I simply LOVE the bridge.

I'm Knockin'-Cool, hip & jazzy!  Whitney does a great job co-producing it.  I like it.

This album is a step forward in terms of diversity and production in Whitney's music.  I mostly listen to the album as a whole and I don't skip songs.  It's very well balanced.  A must have for all music fans.