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I'm Your Baby Tonight - by Chip Harmison

Age: 33 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Rating:  90/100

I'M YOUR BABY TONIGHT-the SEXIEST record I've ever heard!

MY NAME IS NOT SUSAN & ANYMORE-I combined these because my comment is the same for both: GO ON GIRL!!!

ALL THE MAN THAT I NEED-achingly beautiful. A classic.

LOVER FOR LIFE & I BELONG TO YOU-delectable & relaxing.

MIRACLE-haunting in it's lyric & WH's vocal.

WHO DO YOU LOVE-my 2nd fave track on the album & one of my fave dance records ever. Should have been released as a single!

WE DIDN'T KNOW-seems to go on a bit long.

AFTER WE MAKE LOVE-tender & intimate.

I'M KNOCKIN'-My fave track on the album. Love WH & Rickey Minor's production (it doesn't sound like any other song I've EVER heard), and love the lyric quoting JESUS: "Knock and the door will open..."

This album was a breath of fresh air when it came out:  genuine, timeless R&B in an age of dance trends. Provides a rollicking good time!