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Whitney Houston's Peak - by Sam Nas

Age: 20 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  The Bodyguard
Rating:  97/100

I love everything about this album from the songs, til the beautiful cover and design!

I Will Always Love You-When I first heard the song, I was stunned.  When I now hear the song, I still am stunned.  Her vocals are unbelievable.  The song is so emotional and powerful.  I love the way she changes octaves while singing.  This is truly a classic that will be treasured for decades to come (centuries!!!).

I Have Nothing-I love it when Whitney sings with power.  This is as powerful as anything can get!  I love the dramatic way she sings it.  I also love the way Whitney sings this song live and how she gets the public cheering and giving standing ovations!  This is a classic, that's for sure.

I'm Every Woman-There's absoluetly & positively no one on this earth who can sing this song better.  If someone were to make a remake of this song, I would laugh before hearing it!  Her voice is so clear, soulful and powerful, and the song is not that bad too!!!

Run To You-It's a very nice song.  I like it a little less then the first 2 ballads on the album, but I think David Foster did a wonderful job producing it.

Queen Of The Night-Cool, with an attitude & different.  This is the song that reminds me most of the movie.  At the time, I was surprised that it wasn't the single chosen to be released after "I Will Always Love You".

Jesus Loves Me-Her first gospel song.  Whitney's voice is so clear on this one.

The other non-WH songs on the album are great too.  I love them all, especially "
It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day" by the Soul System.  The Bodyguard theme is cool too and makes remember the movie.

This album in my opinion is the peak of Whitney Houston as a singer and it will always be one of my favourites album of all time (if not THE favourite...).  I am hoping for a sequal movie & soundtrack!!!