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The Bodyguard - by Caren

E-mail:  Visiondoom
Age: 23 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  The Bodyguard
Rating:  Whitney: 99/100,  The rest: 50/100

I remember the first time I heard this album.  I had (still have) it on a tape, and I heard Whitney's side first.  The songs were beautifully done: "Jesus Love Me", "Queen of the Night", "I'm Every Woman","Run To You", "I Will Always Love You" ( I Will Always Love this album.) etc.,"

So as I am listening to this all of a sudden someone else starts to sing ( at the time, I didn't know Whitney was only on one side). I complete shock, which soon turned to horror, I hated the other side. Only one song was worth listening too (It's Going to Be A Lovely Day) , but it was not worth going through the entire side, rewinding and fast forwading to find it. After that first time of listening to the whole tape, I simply rewinded all the way back to the beginning.

Like I said, I Will Always Love this album, however only the side with Whitney.