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The Bodyguard - by Foekje

Country:  USA
Rating:  85/100
Added on 12 may, 1999.

Whitney's first soundtrack..... Well, what can I say more.  Even in the countries on the "edge" of the world they know this album, what a big hit it was.

>The nr. 1 hit "
I will always love you":  Need I say more?  #1 it was, all over the world! And it has all the right to be.Whitney sounds strong and bright.  The perfect ballad!

I have nothing":  My favorite of the album. A remake of a Chaka Khan song, but I know for sure I like Whitney's version more! " I have nothing, nothing, nothiiiiiiiinnnggg..."Yeah right.... You have a lot Whitney! And you know how to use it!

I'm every woman":  A #3 hit in the Netherlands. It always makes me wanna get my feet of the ground and jump! Another "chaka.... chaka...." remake

Run to you": We were overloaded by beautiful ballads....

Queen of the night":  I'm going crazy on this song! Jumpin' and humpin' around! this can get me goin'on!

Jesus loves me":  And he blessed Whitney with her voice! This song is also on the cd-single of "I will always love you". On that single is also "Do you hear what I hear", another gospel worth listening to!

Like I said.... "You can't get more, when you're already the best! After The Preacher's Wife, I like The Bodyguard soundtrack most ( I guess!) Buy it, when you haven't, listen to it when you have it! 

Peace and happiness