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Waiting To Exhale - by Chip Harmison

Age: 33
Country:  USA
Rating:  95/100

First off, the non-WH tracks:

I love the songs by Toni Braxton ("Let it Flow"), Brandy ("Sittin' Up in My Room"), Mary J. Blige (Not Goin' Cry), Sonja Marie (And I GaveMy Love to You), & especially Shanna ("How Could You Call Her Baby").

Onto WH's songs:

WHY DOES IT HURT SO BAD-classic. Love when she says near the end "Makes me want to shoot you"!!!

I really cannot put into words what "
EXHALE (SHOOP SHOOP)" & "COUNT ON ME" mean to me: they just run that deep. EVERYTHING about these 2 songs is PERFECT: the lyrics (covering Spirituality, self, friendship, & the everyday ups-and-downs of life), melodies, production, and of course WH's incredible vocals (perfectly under- stated on"Exhale" & beautifully harmonious w/the incomparable CeCe Winans on "Count on Me").

What more could a fan want?