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The Ultimate Divas Album - by Sam Nas

Age: 20 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  Waiting To Exhale
Rating:  91/100

When I bought this album, I was both disappointed and pleasently surprised.  Disappointed because there's only 3 Whitney songs and surprised by the list of the great artists that are on this album.  It shows how many artists respect Whitney and how powerful she has become to be able to make a soundtrack for her movie that features the best of the best.

First the WH songs:

Exhale (Shoop Shoop)-Lovely...  This song is soooo smooth!  A classic.

Why Does It Hurt So Bad-This beautiful ballad is sung with so much soul, drama and emotion.  Another classic.

Count On Me-A great duet.  Cece Winans has a very similar voice to Whitney.

I like most of the other songs.  The one that I like less is Aretha's '
It Hurts Like Hell'.  I respect her talent and 'the legend' but I think that she should've sung this song with a lower range to suit her new changed voice.  She seems to be screaming I find...  But she's still a great talent.

All in all, this album is phenomenal.  It's a collection of great songs sung by the best R&B female artists of our time.  A classic album.