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The Preacher's Wife - by Chip Harmison

Age: 33
Country:  USA
Rating:  99/100

My favorite recording artist of all-time singing about my favorite Person of all-time (JESUS)!!!

I BELIEVE IN YOU AND ME-I prefer the film version (track#1) to the single version. Perhaps my favorite of WH's romantic ballads (along w/her duets w/Jermaine Jackson & Teddy Pendegrass).

STEP BY STEP-this is a real treat for me because I am a HUGE Annie Lennox fan. Irresistible!

HOLD ON, HELP IS ON THE WAY-I "get the Spirit" almost every time I hear this one.

I GO TO THE ROCK-Testify!!!

I LOVE THE LORD-my sentiments exactly. This is my faveWH recording, and my fave song she's ever done along w/her live version of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going". Unusually beautiful.

SOMEBODY BIGGER THAN YOU AND I-I wish they had used thegorgeous a capella version WH sang as a lullaby to heron-screen son from the film. Nonetheless, I very much like the vocal performances by the ladies (WH, FaithEvans, Monica) & Johnny Gill.

YOU WERE LOVED-a lovely sentiment; I copied the lyrics to this in a birthday card for my mom in 1996-she cried!

MY HEART ISCALLING-this song, completion of which held up the release of the album, was well worth it. Forgive me for saying this about a song on a Spiritual album, but her vocal on it is incredibly sexy!

WHO WOULD IMAGINE A KING-so dear; gives us a taste of what WH would do w/an all-Christmas music album.

HE'S ALL OVER ME-YES! YES! YES! Unbridled church gospel at it's roof-raising best!

THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD-a real treat from Cissy; love her arrangement of this most famous of Psalms.

JOY TO THE WORLD-another "roof-raiser"; what a spectacular way to close an album!

You may notice that I gave this album the same rating as WH's debut: they are my fave albums by her. Some people prefer the "middle-of-the-road" WH of her 1st 2 albums & "The Bodyguard"; others prefer the Gospel/R&B WH of IYBT, WTE, & TPW. I LOVE BOTH-and the debut & this album represent the best of both, respectively, to me.