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Whitney is a Gospel woman! - by Sam Nas

Age: 20 (in 1998)
Country:  Canada
Album Reviewed: The Preacher's Wife
Rating:  96/100

This album is SOOO inspirational!

I believe in you and me:  I prefer the single version (D.Foster) because I like it when Whitney sings ballads with power and drama.  However, the 2nd version "the romantic one" is great too!

Step by step: good dance song.  I prefer the original then the remix...

Joy & Hold on, help is on the way & I go to the rock:  The Gospel has begun!  The 2nd song of these 3 is my favourite.  I like her voice on it!  These 3 uptempo gospel songs have a similar style but each one is a unique masterpiece.

I love the Lord:  very inspirational and emotional.  Whitney sings her heart out in this gospel prayer.

Somebody bigger than you and I: It's ok...  it features rap.

You were loved:  excellent Babyface ballad!  I LOVE the bridge!!!

My heart is calling:  I didn't like it at first but now I do.  It's a light mid-tempo song.

Who would imagine a king:  It's a sweet song for children.  Her voice is SOOO sweet on this one!

He's all over me:  very powerful uptempo gospel duet.  There voices are amazing!!!

The Lord is my sheperd:  This song is sung by Cissy Houston (Whitney's mother).  It's my least favourite song ever on any Whitney Houston album/soundtrack.  I would've preferred if it wasn't on the album...

Joy to the world:  There's only one word to describe this rendition:  "PERFECT"

This album is a masterpiece.  If you're not sure if you will like Gospel, believe me...  YOU WILL!!!  I suggest to every music fan.  By the way, it is the best selling gospel album of all-time!!!