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The Preacher's Wife - by Rainier Ronda

Country:  Philippines
Album Reviewed: The Preacher's Wife
Rating:  90/100

I believe in you and me - This is awesome.  This is the thing you should listen when you're feeling down and extremely lugubriuos.  It confirms the Lord's love for you.

I love the lord - The best song in this album. It showcase whitney's powerful voice. Whenever I listen to this song, i feel that i'm surrounded by a bevy of angels. It'll make you forget all your worries and throes in life. 

I go to the rock - This wasn't my favorite until I saw Whitney's Classicconcert.  It reminds us of our responsibility to the lord every sunday.

Joy to the world - I've listen to Mariah's rendition of this song and it lacks the revelry of a Christmas songs. Whitney's version on the other hand is really joyous. It'll never cease to lift your mood.

You were loved - Beautiful and inspirational lyrics.

Over-all comment.

This albums is best for everyone on the verge of giving up. It's a sort of prayers and will truly renew your covenant to the Lord.  It's about your relationship with him, your friends, your loved ones.  It's an instant classic. Whitney's voice is unique and soaring.  It will not have the same impact if other would sing the songs here.  It made me love Whitney a thousand fold.