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Fan Reviews
Album: My Love Is Your Love (1998)
Includes It's Not Right But It's Okay, Heartbreak Hotel (with Faith Evans & Kelly Price), My Love Is Your Love, When You Believe (with Mariah Carey), If I Told You That, In My Business, I Learned From The Best, Oh Yes, Until You Comeback,
Get It Back, I Bow Out, You'll Never Stand Alone, I Was Made To Love Him.

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The Fan Reviews:

17) My Love Is Your Love - by Ruth Lewis
16) Heartbreak Hotel
- by Ashley Simmons
15) Heartbreak Hotel
- by Miracle Charles
14) My Love Is Your Love
- by Vukile
13) The Legendary... Whitney Houston
- by Sureplaya
12) The Best Album Out!
- by Nicole
11) My Love For "My Love Is Your Love"
- by C a.k.a Organza00
10) Brilliant!!! Her Best Work to Date
- by Sam Nas
  9) Really Really The BEST!!!
- by Juliana
  8) My Love Is Your Love Whitney
- by Jamel
  7) My Love Is For Whitney
- by Carolyn "Carrie" Saunders
  6) Always & Forever WHITNEY
- by Nikesh
  5) Perfect!!!!!!!
- by Rodrigo Cardoso
  4) Complete Circle
- by Lopez
  3) Welcome Back Whitney
- by Michael
  2) My Love Is Your # 1 - by Jonathan David Butler
  1) MLIYL = Butter!! - by Foekje

Thumbs Up for Whitney:

  3) There was nothing that I disliked about the album, except the fact 
    that she held back her vocals.  That's all!
- by De'Marco
I think that every song on every album is GREAT!  She is the best   
    singer ever!  She is also a great role model.  I am her biggest fan 
- by Aishya Buchanan (from USA, age 14)
1) I love this one, I believe this is her best YET! - by Lisa (from USA,
    age 26)

Other Reviews: