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MYLIYL = Butter!! - by Foekje

Age: 19 (in 1998)
Country:  Netherlands
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  100/100

Okey. Finally I can say what I think about Whitney's new album, to which I'm listening right on this moment!

>>1. "
It's not right but it's okey" -This song is a nice start. Whitney sounds good. The lyrics are okey. Could be a biographical song (ha ha)

>>2. "
Heartbreak hotel" -The first time I heard it, I thought it was boring. But the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. It's a good song. I thought it would be something like a duet, but it's 'just' featuring Kelly and Faith!

>>3. "
My love is your love" -Butter, butter!! This song is fabulous! Wyclef did a great job here! Whitney sounds great! The little "chats" of Whitney's daughter Bobbi K. are cute!

>>4. "
When you believe" -A true ballad. I think Mariah is still a little bit a backing vocalist, causeWhitney's voice is so strong, but that doesn't really matter. The song = okey!

>>5. "
If I told you that" -Funny song. Didn't suspect such song at all. Whitney and Rodney J. did a great job. Keep up the good work Rodney!!

>>6. "
In my business" -Wow, this is really Missy. You can really here Missy's influences in this song.  It's very good. It's one of my favorites!

>>7. "
I learned from the best -"This is the type of singing I love. In this ballad Whitney's voice is so strong, that everytime I listen to it, it gives me shivers! This is definatly my favorite song of the album!

>>8. "
Oh yes" -This song is okey. The 'story' in it is good. "you are so amazing, unbelieveble, baby. It's you that makes me smile babay, when everything is crazy!" That's the man I need!

>>9. "
Get it back" -If Rodney Jerkins produced this song, which in fact he did, I gotta say: "youcan surely hear that!" It's a great song. Whitney sounds good. Real R&B!!

>>10. "
Until you come back" -A jazzy-style song. But that doesn't matter, it sounds okey!

>>11. "
I bow out" -Another surprise! Wow, a very good song. On #3 (after: I learned from the best & My love is your love) on my favorite MLIYL chartlist. Reall good!

>>12. "
You'll never stand alone" -The song dedicated to her daughter (according to R.). This song also gives meshivers. Whitney, again, sounds great, strong and bright!

>>13. "
I was made to love him" -And again a surprise. If it is true what Whitney told MTV about Lauryn Hill, then Lauryn has spend her time well with producing this song for Nip. Whitney sounds good and the 'message' is clear! Way to go Lauryn!!

Well, there was the list of my opinions about all songs of the album.

Here's my top 5 from the album:
#1. I learned from the best
#2. My love is your love
#3. I bow out
#4. When you believe
#5. In my business

Listen and enjoy yourself!!  Take care!