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BRILLIANT!!!  Her Best Album to Date - by Sam Nas

20 (in 1998)
Country:  Canada
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  97/100
Added on: 18-12-1998

I bought this album on the first day.  I had an idea on how it would sound because of internet sound samples.  But I had no idea that it was THAT good.  This album shows at the same time a more mature Whitney and a more young Whitney.  It really is for everyone.  Old Whitney fans will love it and will also discover new sides of Whitney's music.

It's Not Right But It's Okay-I like it.  It's one of those catchy dance songs.  The only thing I would change is the last minute because it becomes repetitive... It's the appropriate song for opening the album.

Heartbreak Hotel-It has a nice mood.  It's a very sweet mid-tempo number.  It's a very original R&B song.  Kelly Price and Faith Evans do a great job on this song.  Not one of my favourites, but I like it.

My Love Is Your Love-Who would of thought that Whitney would do reggae?  And she does it PERFECTLY.  This mid-tempo song is simply the bomb.  It is sweet, cool, melodical, everything!!!  Great lyrics!!!

When You Believe-Whitney and Mariah are my 2 favourite singers.  So you can imagine how many times I've heard the song. :)  I thought that Babyface could've made it longer or something but on the other hand it's really great the way it is.  There voices blend very well in my opinion.  It also could've been more vocal considering the singers who are singing it.  I REALLY REALLY hope that they will collaborate A LOT in the future.

If I Told You That-I was in love with this song from the first time I heard it!  I just wanted to get up and dance!!!  This song puts "The Boy Is Mine"to shame!  It really is ROCKING!  Her voice is great on this one.  One of my favourites on this album.  They should release it and REMIX it to death!!!  Good job Rodney Jerkins!

In My Business-I like it.  It goes well with the album.  Again, this is something Whitney has never done before.  It's different but still Whitney.  I like the ending!!!!!  "Why do wanna be in my business?  Heh... Get a job!"

I Learned From The Best-I was really looking forward to this David Foster/Whitney collaboration, and really... IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!  It's something like "Un-break My Heart" but Whitney takes it to another level with her superior voice.  It's one of those powerful ballads that Whitney is known for.  She sings it in her mid-range but maaaan, she SINGS it!!!  She finishes the song with a 10 second smooth note "youuuu".  Perfect.

Oh Yes-This is very R&B.  It's also very sexy.  It has a very nice romantic mood.  It is very long and that's my ONLY complaint...

Get It Back-Brandy sings the backing vocals but isn't credited because "she's too important to be backup"... Anyway...!!  Well this is another jamming song (not too fast but definitly not too slow...) It's just jamming!  The music rocks.  It really has a club feel to it in the music breakdowns.  It's different and cool.

Until You Comeback-This is another great powerful ballad. It's something similar to Why Does It Hurt So Bad.  It has a jazzy, R&B feel to it.  Whitney sings it with her mid range and with power.  Nice melodie.  I really like it.  She belts notes in this one!  Towards the end she belts "meee" and cuts the word into about a zillion notes so fast!  Very accrobatic.  She can do anything with her voice!!!

I Bow Out-Very R&B.  It's mid-tempo.  This suits the mood for the album.  I like it.

You'll Never Stand Alone-Another great ballad.  This is probably the song that reminds us the most of the early years of Whitney.  It's has some nice vocals in it.  It's dedicated to her daughter which makes the song even more special.

I Was Made To Love Him-Again, a new side of Whitney.  This song is cool.  Her voice sounds very gospel in it.  Great song to end the album.  She sings it very cool, very relaxed.

This album has a very nice mood to it.  It REALLY REALLY is her best work to date.  She doesn't oversing.  She just sings like she never sang before.  It's very deverse.  It has ballads, dance songs, R&B, cool hiphop and reggae tinted songs.  It's filled with soul, emotion, everything!!!  It really is diverse and is for everybody.  My only wish would be if there was more then 1 David Foster ballad on it cause his collaborations with Whitney are always great.  I would suggest this album to everyone.  In my opinion, this is the 1 Whitney album that everyone should have (along with The Bodyguard soundtrack).  Brilliant!