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- by C a.k.a Organza00

Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  98,5/100
Added on: 23-12-1998

It's Not Right But It's Okay: This song at first was my favorite out of the album, I honestly couldn't stop listening to it, primarily because of it's "sassy" rhythm.  However, I started discovering that it really doesn't "display" Whitney's amazing voice, so I started giving the other songs a chance. This song I feel is for the more R&B/Hip Hop Whitney lovers. I give this song (4) * * * * stars out of a possible (5) * * * * *.

Heartbreak Hotel: I am now, really honestly starting to enjoy this song and explore it's lyrics in depth. I like the fact that it does (somewhat) display Whitney's incredible voice, and that you can actually feel what she's saying. I also very much enjoy the fact that it features two of the more younger R&B stars, Faith Evans and Kelly Price (ex backup singer to Mariah Carey). They only add to the flava' of this song. I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out of (5)* * * * * possible.

My Love Is Your Love: What can I say? I feel Whitney's love all over because of this excellent song. I love it, and to date it is my favorite song from the album. I am really wearing this one out. I love the fact that it really does appeal to any audience, old and young... it will hit #1, if ever released as a single.  My mom LOVES this song. I give this song (5 million) stars * * * * * x's 2 miilion out of a possible (5) stars.

When You Believe: This song has made me believe!  Now I believe in all... especially in Whitney's voice.  I really do love everything about this song, yes, even Mariah Carey, she is great in it too. This song and "My Love Is Your Love" would and for me could be the only two reasons for buying this album. I do believe, this is an excellent written song. I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out of a possible (5) stars.

If I Told You That: This song is a good one. Not too "syrupy" and not too "hip hop-y". It's all in all good. I like it, but it probably won't go down in Whitney Houston's masterpiece collection. I give this song (3.5) * * * 1/2 stars out of (5) stars possible.

In My Business: This song shows and expresse Whitney Houston's more hip-hop oriented vocal talents. I really do like it, I am now, thanks to this song loving everything Missy Ellioty does. I really do enjoy it's lyrics and all else. I give this song (4) * * * * stars out of a possible (5) stars.

I Learned From The Best: Whew! Doesn't this song make you feel like Whitney learned from the best and then some, right? This song blows me away everytime I hear it. I love the power of emotion and it's grand lyrics. Diane Warren is amazing, she CAN write. I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out of (5) possible.

Oh Yes: This song is a real R&B treasure for us Whitney fans. I really do like it. It shows Whiney's ability to talk about sexuality, femininity and masculinity. I really do love it, I love Missy Elliott's background vocal cameo. I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out (5) possible.

Get It Back: This song I feel is okay, not good, but not terrible. You can kind of tell that this song was kind of thrown in to make the deadline in time. It's okay. I give this song (3 * * * stars out of (5) possible.

Until You Come Back: This song is a genuine Whitney song. This song lives up to what you would expect from Whitney Houston. I really enjoy it, and Babyface couldn't have done a better job producing this song. It's strong yet sentimental. I give this song (4) * * * * stars out of (5) possible.

I Bow Out: This song is a Whitney masterpiece. It's excellent. I enjoy listening to this song, and it's beautiful string solo number towards the middle of the song. This song makes tha album what it is.... grand.  I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out of (5) possible.

You'll Never Stand Alone: What can I say about this song? Hmm, It's fabulous! It really is. Go get the album and enjoy this magnificent song along with all others! I give this song a (5) * * * * * stars out of (5) * * * * * possible.

I Was Made To Love Him: This amazingly produced hidden track is one of the best cuts from the album.  I like how Whitney personalized the lyrics a bit to give you the feel that this really is her song. I really enjoy the groove of this song. Lauryn Hill produced a great track. I give this song (5) * * * * * stars out of a possible (5).

As you can see, I really don't hate any of the albums tracks, just felt that something a bit different could have been done to some of the tracks. All in all this album, "MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE" is worth it all. Go buy it along with all other Whitney Houston albums!