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My Love Is Your Love - by Vukile

Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  98/100
Posted on: 20-02-1999

Oh!! Migod!!! Whitney is such a wonderful singer!!! I was a bit apprehensive about this album before I got to hear all of the songs!!! This must rate as one of Whitney's best albums ever!!!

My Favourite songs are!!

Until You Come Back!!! Oh my word!! This must be the best song in the whole album!!! Whitney's vocals are at their absolute best!!! This song kinda reminds me of "I Have Nothing"  It's beautiful!!

If I Told You That!! Great dance tune!!! Great Vocals!!! Lovely work Whitney & Rodney!!

When You Believe : Well What can I say ..... My two no.1 & 2 artists together!!!

My Love Is Your Love: What a stunning song!! It's very deep and often gets me weeping!! Bobbi Kriss has wonderfull vocals "sing mommy" "clap yourhands".  I hope this song will make it to No.1, it derseves it!!

5. All of the other songs (except
In My Business!! I despise this song!!! maybe its because of Missy I don't know!!)

Wonderfull Album Whitney, Sorry the rest of the world doesn't seem to think so!!