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My Love Is Your # 1 - by Jonathan David Butler

Age: 16 (in 1998)
Country:  USA
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  rated song by song (A: best - F: worst)
Posted on: 17-11-1998

Well, Manish was right, let those other Whitney disk rest and prepare for the bodyguard II or MY LOVE IS YOUR LOVE. Whitney is back and she has done it again. The album is a work of art. The album cover is her sitting on the road with no words on it. There are 13 tracks including that hidden Lauryn Hill track. I bought the album on the 14th, it arrived at the store on the 13th here in Chicago. Those samples that Arista has on there site are killers for the album, because all the tracks really all offer so much more than what those little snippets show. Here's the way the tracks appear on the album and some detail but not much, wait till the 17th or 16th, I don't want to ruin your surprise.

It's Not Right But It's Okay-It's still growing on me but it's definitely a good song. This song is like that Erykah Badu song (Tyrone). The xylophone in the background gives it this videogame type feeling but Whitney gets her message across clearly. "B-"

Heartbreak Hotel [Featuring Faith Evans & Kelly Price]-Kelly Price And Faith could have song more on this, they were just backup. This song is smooth and relaxed. It's one of those songs you listen to at night when you want to get comfortable. "b-"

My Love Is Your Love-This song has got to be one of the best on the album (one of the many best),Wyclef jammed on this and Whitney went in the studio on a mission. This song is a clubbing cut that sure enough will hit number 1. It's got that Wyclef funk toit, it starts off kinda slow then it speeds up in the middle, then slow backdown. This track should definitely be recognized. "A"

When You Believe (From "The Prince Of Egypt")[Duet with Mariah Carey]-I'm not a big Mariah Carey Fan, though I have all her albums on tape. First of all I do think they should have done one more cut with these 2 chart topping divas. Whitney comes in and you just stand still shivering knowing it's Whitney come to free you from all these other wanna be singers. She delivers an award winning performance, it starts off soft like whispering then she hits the chorus so beautifully holing on to that last note, then Mariah comes in and lets you know I may not be Whitney but I can hold my own. She gets to sing a little bit more enthusiastically than our girl. Anyway when they get to the bridge they just make you want to be there with them. I give the song an "A"

If I Told You That-This song is very up beat and makes me wanna dance, this song is one they would play on soul train. This song is about whitney letting her male friend know she is willing to take it further than friends (know it's not dirty at all). The bridge is very daring and exciting. # 1 dance. "A"

In My Business [Featuring Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott]-Now you might like me have to listen to this song twice; but I'm not going to lie, Missy is very good, she didn't write mess, both of her cuts are good, butthis particular one says to all you haters stay out her business (like all of your marriages are perfect, maybe she really is happy, I mean if she wasn't she wouldn't be there)! Missy actually raps a very short part, and also if your scard the song is short. (give it a chance, whitney can do no wrong). "b-"

I Learned From The Best-This song could have been on the bodyguard. This song is another tear jerker. This is Diana warren/David foster track. You listen to this one when you've gotten over the break up. For all those high noters (hears one for you). IF asked I would say there should have been more David Foster cuts on here. "A"

Oh Yes-This track is well over 6 minutes, but it's so good, and it was written by missy Elliot. (don't knock till you've heard it). It tells the relationship between her and her man, she says everything is good (not dirty). "b+"

Get It Back-This song reminds me of that 112 song with the chimes. this song has it all, it's an up beat ballad that will blow your mind. you got to play this one over and over. It's a stepping song. You can't help but think of en vouge when you listen. The bridge is very edgy and hip hop. You'll simply love it. "b+"

Until You Come Back-Another tear jerker ladies and gentlemen. This song is for all the lovers out there that are missing there significant other. You can't help but think BarbraStriesand when hearing this song. This song is going to make you press the back button or reset button when it goes off. This could have been on the Waiting ToExhale soundtrack. "A"

I Bow Out-The violins and whatever else that makes this song so arrogant (it definitely a whitney song). This song is going to make you wonder why is Madonna considered the top diva on vh-1 and mtv. This song has got to be played over and over."A-1." Another high voice favorite. "A+"

You'll Never Stand Alone-Whitney jumps right into the song, she puts her soul into it and you feel it. it's kind of mushy but very upright and present. This is why you bought this cd."A"

I Was Made To Love Him-Warning listening to this song while driving could be hazardous. This song will hold a spell over you, a lot of people says this song is one of the best, and it is. You have to nod your head, even if your mad at the time. Lauryn I give you your props, you did the world jutice by producing this one, and for Lauryn Hill fans, she does a little back up singing. "A+"

Closing thoughts... In the words of Jerry springer and now for my final thoughts: this cd is absolutely the best. So far like Manish said, no sign of thank you to MariahCarey. She says thank you to dreamworks productions. The words to the songs aren't in this cd booklet. HEY! wait a minute, where is "I got five on it" (duet with faith evans). Anyway enjoy, I know I am.