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Welcome Back Whitney - by Michael

Age: 18 (in 1998)
Country:  Australia (Sydney)
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  90/100 (only because there are 2 average songs)
Posted on: 17-11-1998

After 8 years of soundtracks, she's back and better than ever!! Here are my reviews of each song!!

Its not right, but its ok,...
This sorta sums up what i feel about the song. THe verses are weird, but
the chorus is catchy. I guess it will grow on me. Are they really gonna
release this next???

Heartbreak Hotel
I love it. Its simple and sweet. The slow version of My Name Is Not Susan!!  The first time i heard it on ET i was a bit worried, but when i heard the whole thing i was shocked! Those girls can sing, sing, sing!!

My Love Is Your Love
WOW!! My favourite song!!! Its lyrics are beautiful and only Whitney could sing them like she does!! It is an instant classic! I have heard it more than any of the other songs on the album. I was worried with the reggae thing, but Whitney has pulled it off!! One of her best ever!!!

When You Believe
The Whitney/Mariah duet! It took a few listens to get into it, but when i! I guess its not the diva battle i wanted, but now i'd have it
no other way. I love the choir ......and yes, their can be miracles, when
you believe!

If I Told You That
My favourite dance song! I loved it from the first time i heard it. Its
groovy and funky! Can anyone listen to this sitting down?? Not me.

In My Business
The Missy song. I was really worried about it, but it turned out ok. I
don't love this song. Its ok! I think it will grow on me!!

I Learned From The Best
OHH This song is great. Its the 90's version of Saving All My love, (well
thats what the tune reminds me of). I love the big youuuuu at the end! This is another big ballad, and all Whitney fans will love this one! I love the music on it!

Oh Yes.
What a long song 6:30!! But its not boring! I love the ballad. Who would
think that Missy could do this for Whitney?? A big romantic song! Its
beautiful! About the perfect lover....I love it!!

Get It Back
Another just OK song. Its dancy, but nothing special.  Maybe in time it
will do something for me!

Untill You come Back
It opens and reminds me of "I Loves Ya Porgy." Whitney sings this one to death! THE VOICE IS BACK!! Its another favourite!! Everytime she goes for a note i get shivers down my spine!!  Its a classic type song, she could of sang it in the Aretha/Dionne bits in Classic Whitney show,....Its that type of song!! Those that want to hear Whitney SANG should here this!

I Bow Out
It's an ok song. I like it.  The chours is catchy, give me some time and
i'll love it!

You'll Never Stand Alone
The last of the big ballads on the album, and its worth the wait!  I love
it, and i knew i would from the opening lines of the song, its a sweet
song!! I love the ending,...its got a youooooo like at the end of IWALY!! A really high one!! OWWW THe notes are on this one too!!

I Was Made To Love Him
This is the bonus track. Its got a funky little beat happening here. I love
the Hey, hey hey bits. I have not heard this one too much cause its last on the album and i keep going back to MLIYL etc...Lauren sings a bit...I like this song... Maybe if i started the cd on track 13 i'd get to hear it more hahahahaha

It's Whitney like we haven't heard her before, but its still Whitney. The
ballads are here, the notes are here...theres just more styles of music
present! It will please everyone!!.....