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Complete Circle - by Lopez

Age: over 25
Country:  USA (MD)
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  85/100
Posted on: 18-11-1998

It's Not Right, But it's Okay-I had favorable impressions of this song right of the bat. Different music, very today, R&B will love this-definitely a woman's anthem. Love to hear a remix version-hope they have a modern video for this. R&B/Club/Top 40 B+

Heartbreak Hotel-One of my favorites. Wish it was longer. Whitney sounds different-smoother/calmer. Glad not a scream fest. Very relax and laid back.  Like the beat and the constant honking/plinking sound. Faith shoul have used material like this on her CD. R&B all over B+

My Love is Your Love-1 of my very favorites-powerful with simple delivery-dedicated to her fans-not in your face-Wyclef jams on this-what a prolific songwriter-love the reggae tinge vibe with orchestra in back- Whitney adlibs add to the eerie/haunting feel of this song. It Rocks. Love to see a killer remix.-don't know what genre A+

When You Believe-It had to grow on me. It's a pleasant song and very Whineyesque. After seeing thevideo, this shoud have definitely been a Whitney only song. I feel Whitney's emotions in this. Face should have done more with the talents he had.  Pop/Contemp/Cross over A

If I Told You That-Loved it. Piano intro rocks on this. In beginning sounds like The Boy is Mine but quickly Whitney puts her stamp. You have to hear this on a quality system.  One of Jerkins better work on this album. Whitney really jams on this, especially towards the end on the breakdown. love her smooth backing vocals also. She sounds like she is reaching for the high parts. Definitely should be remixed. Clubs/metro areas should love it. B+

In My Business-Fast forward, although I did thought it was worth the first 15 secs to hearWhitney sounding out Missy's name to scratches on the turntable. have a feeling this woundn't have been added except for the message Don't like Missy's 'ho' on this. Mediocre C

I Learned From the Best-Also, 1 of my favorites. Could be a theme song for James Bond. Reminds me of En vogue's song-the instrumental break down reminded me of Mariah' "I don't Wanna Cry' Loved the horns. Whitney puts her all in this-Foster does a good job of pushing her-loved the last note, wish there were more longer held notes on this.  Hit potential-Adult Contemp A+

Oh Yes-This is the ultimate R&B cut. missy does a good job here. Whitney gives a lot of meaning in her interpretation. Missy actual writes something with sense. Has a good hook. R&B B

Get It Back-This had to grow on me-don't listen on a cheap system-blow it up on a quality player and listen towards the end. It really starts to jam. Intro sounds a bit like Puffy 'All About the Benjamins' Don't like the background singers on this.  Breakdown reminds me of 'Flight of the Bumble Bee' B

Until You Come Back-Gosh, I feel this song. It has a gospel, jazzy feel to this. It makes you want to cuddle someone. Sounds like a classic show tune. Kudos to face and Simmons.Whitney Sings on this-Hit potential on adult contemp-something for old Whitney fans-Love high note A++

I Bow Out-ok-nothing great about this song. Ballad with a beat. B

You'l Never Stand Alone-Dedicated to her daugher-it's ok-classic Whitney. If you like Didn't We Almost have it all-You'll like it. Whitney works this song. A

I Was Made To Love Him-Loved it-you will either love it or hate it. Go and listen to Stevie's version, you'll see she does justice. Whitney is obviously having fun on this. A

General comments. Whitney has come full circle. She has proved that she can sing anything: pop, R&b, gospel, opera, jazz, and hip-hop. What is amazing is that she created this range of work in 6 wks. I would have loved if she had taken her time and rested her voice but I understand the urgency of marketing for POE.  People have to give her her respect. . I'm glad to see her do more modern, up-to-date work. Wished there were more soprano and high notes though. She has earned it overall B+