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My Love Is For Whitney! - by Carolyn 'Carrie' Saunders

Age: 17 (in 1998)
Country:  Belgium
Album Reviewed:  My Love Is Your Love
Rating:  100/100

It's not Right but it's okay--It took me a while to get into this song but after hearing it a few times I actually like it a lot more than at first-It's got a catchy tune. I don't think it accentuates Whitney's voice greatly, but as the title says "It's Okay". I'd give this song 7 /10

Heartbreak Hotel--I really like this song. It's a nice slow ballad and Kelly and Faith sound great on it. I wasn't expecting this song to be this slow-I thought it might be a bit faster but it's turned out really great!  I'd give this song 9/10

My Love is your Love--Now this song I LOVE! I love the beat in the background and once you've listened to it once you are hooked! Bobbi Kristina sounds really cute on it, and the song sounds really a la Wyclef!! Whitney's voice sounds great and the music is excellent. If you are feeling down then this is the song to listen to! 9.5/10

When You Believe--I know this song has had quite a lot of criticism but I heard it a few weeks before the album came out and I ADORED it from the first word...I'm not a huge Mariah fan, but I do listen to her music and think her voice sounds really great along with Whitney's. The choir in the background make the song even stronger and the build up to when Whitney and Mariah finally sing together in the middle of the song makes it great. This is one of my favourites. 10/10

If I told you that--the piano music at the beginning is really cute! But what the heck is Whitney saying at the beginning? She does that cute laugh of hers so I knew I was gonna like this song! It's very different toWhitney's old style, and less "ballady" than the other songs, but I like it. It gets you moving, and you can't help singing along to the chorus! 9/10

In My Business--I'm not a fan of Missy at all, I usually think she does way too much 'uh uh uh' in the background-but I have to admit that this song is okay...but the uh uh in the background does really get on my nerves...when the chorus comes I like the song better. But I think Missy should be scrapped! 7/10

I Learned From The best--OH WOW!! Now this is my VERY favourite song from the whole album--in fact it's one of my favourite Whitney songs EVER! The song itself is beautiful, the lyrics are meaningful and Whitney's voice sounds so powerful, especially the end note-this is the Whitney I love! 100000000/10!!

Oh yes--Hmmm...this song out me off when I heard Missy and she starts with her uh's again...but once the music starts it's actually a really beautiful song. Missy-I appreciate you more after this!! But I still wish the uh's would go!! The song goes on for an awfully long time, but it's okay. 8.5/10

Get it Back--When Whitney starts singing it sounds like 'On Top of the World' by Brandy!! It's a good song though--the tune is catchy and the backing singer has a cute voice. 8/10

Until You Come Back--I really like this song the words are really sweet.  Apparently Whitney is singing this to Bobby which makes it even sweeter.  The music is really forceful and the song really lets Whitney get melodramatic!! This is another of my favourites of the album. Don't ask me why, but I think it sounds like a really Christmas song!! 9/10

I Bow Out--I like this song and the part when she songs 'I...Bow...out' is really catchy too! Her voice sounds really strong, and she sounds as if she means as if what she's singing!! You won't mess with Whitney after hearing this!! 9/10

You'll Never stand Alone-Along with "I Learned From The Best", this is my absolute fiavorite. The words bring tears to my eyes ( especially as it's dedicated to Bobbi Kris) and the music is so beautiful. This is such a Whitney song. 100/10

I was Made to Love Him--This song is cute, but it's not my favourite. I don't think that this should be released as a single, cuz it's not great.  But hey, it's Whitney so it's okay. It's a bit too 'Sheryl Crow' type bar music. 6.5/10

General appreciation--I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive when I heard that Whitney had changed her style. But the album has turned out to be a real success and it's one of my favourite albums...I still prefer the "Whitney" songs, by that I mean the slow, powerful, beautiful songs, but the whole album had me mesmerized. BUY IT!! Even if you are not a hugeWhitney fan this album has so much variation that everyone will like it.? I think that's a mistake with her other albums there was no variation so only the real fans could sit through the albums (like me 3 billion hours a day!!), but now this is an album for everyone.  I'd give this album 100/100. I know I didn't appreciate every song as much as the other, but the overall appreciation was that I loved this album!!