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Letters to Tennis Players


This site is a tribute to tennis players.  These ordinary people inspire us in so many ways.  Sometimes they become our role models because of their inner beauty, their strenght and their kindness.  But sometimes it's their pure love for the game that inspire us and makes us admire them.  So if there's a tennis player that inspires you and if you would like to say something to them, here is your chance.  I am sure that one day, he or she will read your words.  It will be also interesting for us tennis fans to read who are our favourite players and why.  So I invit you to share your thoughts and read those who are already posted.  TENNIS ALL THE WAY BABY!  :)

To write a letter and to share your thoughts, CLICK HERE!

(in alphabetical order by last name of the player)

* HINGIS, Martina - A Classy Swiss Miss - by Mike Glasky
* HINGIS, Martina - Martina Hingis
- by Chris
* HINGIS, Martina - Why Martina is The Perfect Player
- by Cyclops
* SABATINI, Gabriela -
A Letter for Gabriela Sabatini - by Bobby Dominguez
A Tribute to Aranxta - by Caroline Burnet
SANCHEZ-VICARIO, Aranxta - Why I Support Aranxta
- by Caz
* SANCHEZ-VICARIO, Aranxta - Tennis Queen of our Hearts
- by Brid Cusack
* SELES, Monica - Star
- by Roberto Alvarez
* SELES, Monica - Monica Forever
- by Sam Nas
SELES, Monica - Monica: Queen of Hearts
- by Chrissy

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