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Tennis Queen of our Hearts                      Back to the site
By Brid Cusack (age 13)

From Ireland

Posted on May 12, 1999.

I first saw Aranchxa playing at Wimbeldon 1996.  Her great style and determination out shone the rest.  I didn't know much about tennis at the time but after I saw her playing I saw the sport in a different light.  The way she played her shots and later I learn't of her great charity work and how she's so grasious even in defeat.  I believe Aranchxa is an amasing person on and off court.

Her speach at the 1998 French open proved that, she praised and comforted Monica when she was on the verge of tears after her fathers death.  She is going through a bad patch with a wrist injury and all people have to say is 'shes gone'.  They dont have respect for her, for who she is a tennis champion ,a tennis queen.  I will always admire and love her she is a champion and will always be my hero.