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Voting Poll

Hi.  I invit you to vote in this week's poll...  The question(s) will be changed each week or when the number votes do not change anymore.  The results of all the polls that get completed will be all listed on this page for you to view. 

To vote on this week's question(s), please CLICK HERE!

Previous Poll Results:

10) In your opinion, what will happen in 1999 on the US album charts with My Love Is Your Love?
Total Votes: 25,  It will move up into the top 10 (44%), It will continue to fall on the charts, it won't peak higher then no.13 (16%), It will move up into the top 5 (16%), It will hit no.1 (16%),  Who cares (8%).

9) What is the best producer for Whitney, the one you would like her to work with the most in the future?
Total Votes: 26,  David Foster (42%), Wyclef (19%), Michael Masser (12%), Babyface (8%), Lauryn Hill (4%), Narada Michael Walden (4%), Rodney Jerkins (4%),  Missy Elliot (0%), Another producer (8%).

8) Do you consider the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack a Whitney Houston album? Should it be considered her album?
Total Votes: 20,  YES it's her album because it's her movie, she's the only dominant artist in the album & she's the executive producer (60%),  NO it's not her album because 3 songs do not make an album (35%),  I am not sure I can't decide (5%).

7) What is your favourite Whitney album?
Total Votes: 19,  My Love Is Your Love (21%), I don't have a particular favourite (21%), The Bodyguard (16%), I can't decide (16%), Whitney Houston (11%),
Whitney (11%), I'm Your Baby Tonight (5%), The Preacher's Wife (0%), Waiting To Exhale (0%)

6) Is When You Believe what you expected it to be?
Total Votes: 36,  It's less then I expected it to be. It could've been better... (39%), It's exactly what I expected it to be (not less, not more) (31%), It's more then I expected it to be, it's da bomb (31%), No I think it sucks and that it's a total flop (0%).

5) How much of a chance do you think that Whitney and Mariah will collaborate again in the future?
Total Votes: 36,  They will not collaborate again. It will be a 1 time collaboration (When You Believe) (67%), They will sing only 1 more duet (8%), They will collaborate together a lot but only on songs (8%),
They will collaborate together again but on a movie (3%), They will quit their solo careers and form a group called WHITRIAH!!! (0%)

4) What is the biggest vocal performance Whitney has ever did in your opinion?
Total Votes: 25,  I Will Always Love You (40%), One Moment In Time (16%), The Star Spangled Banner (12%), I Can't Decide (12%), All The Man That I Need (4%), I Love The Lord (4%), I'm Every Woman (0%), I Have Nothing (0%), Didn't We Almost Have It All (0%), Other Song (12%)

3) What do you wish Whitney does the most in the future?
Total Votes: 25,  Studio Albums (56%), I don't really mind as long as it's something! (28%), Movies & Soundtracks (12%), Greatest Hits (4%), Producing movies (0%), Live Album (0%)

2) What song do you think Arista should release next (after When You Believe) and that will help boost the sales of the album?

Total Votes: 39,  My Love Is Your Love (28%), Heartbreak Hotel (21%), I Learned From The Best (21%), It's Not Right But It's Okay (10%), If I Told You That (8%), You'll Never Stand Alone (3%), Until You Comeback (3%), I Bow Out (0%), Get It Back (0%), Other Song (8%)

1) What Is Your Favorite Song On Whitney's New Album?
Total Votes: 41,  When You Believe (53%), I Learned From The Best (10%),  All Of The Songs (10%), My Love Is Your Love (7%), You'll Never Stand Alone (7%), If I Told You That (5%), Heartbreak Hotel (2%), It's Not Right But It's Okay (2%), Until You Comeback (0%), Other Song (0%)